Business coach & consultancy in Berlin

As a certified business coach, I will help you to recognize, expand and seize your professional opportunities. Your future is not a coincidence – being successful even less.

A business coach can help you with the following challenges

Whether you are just starting up your own business, you are self-employed or employed – when it comes to your professional life, you are always the master of your own destiny. You have to communicate clearly, make decisions with superior ease and act competently. This can be a daily challenge. Professional coaching through a business coach will help you define your goals, boost potential and plan the right steps for a career change.

What can you expect from a business coach?

In my coaching sessions, I will help you grow both, personally and as a business. I offer business coachings in German and in English – whichever you and your team are most comfortable with. If you have been working with a different business coach before, you are welcome to share what you felt was valuable and helpful for you and your business. We can focus on those learnings and develop a business coaching strategy from there.

As your personal business coach you can expect to get feedback, as well as business consultancy and practical assistance in order to reach your individual goals. In the process, you will benefit from my long-standing experience in consultancy for start-ups, career coaching, executive coaching and systemic personality coaching.

Together we will pave your way to success.