Coaching for Start-ups

While coming up with an idea is easy, implementing it successfully is anything but. Many start-ups have found this to be true. In such cases, coaching for start-ups will help you to help yourself.

I offer business consultancy specifically geared to the needs of business start-ups. The goal is to develop a compelling business concept that will convince future customers, partners and investors alike.

In the run-up to starting a business, many questions arise: How can my business set itself successfully apart from the competition? How much do I need to invest? And how can I make a profit in the long term? In our coaching sessions, we will work together to find the answers to these questions. As a Business Administration graduate (Diplom-Kauffrau), I am able to expertly appraise and judge the feasibility of your business idea and to advise you comprehensively if optimisation is needed. I support you in developing a business plan suitable for presentation to the banks and in applying for the necessary funds. In doing so, you will benefit in particular from my co-operation with banks supporting business start-ups.

The coaching for start-ups offers in particular:

• Definition of your business model
• Specification of your unique selling point
• Market and competition analysis
• Marketing and distribution
• Definition of your target group
• Location analysis
• Price calculation
• Financial viability analysis
• Creation of a business plan
• Calculation of earning power
• Cash forecasting
• Advice and support to obtain funding
• Application for financial aid
• Controlling

I would be glad to advise you on opportunities for start-up consultancy.
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