Personality Coaching

Identifying and overcoming mental stumbling blocks

The entrepreneur’s personality is the key to his success. If success eludes you, systemic coaching may be helpful to recognise the obstacles.

Have you ever wondered how you might better achieve your professional goals? In that case, a look at personal behaviour patterns can often be helpful. In many cases, these patterns are responsible for your career progressing slowly. This coaching will enable you to recognise your potential, to make the most of it and to increase it.

As a certified systemic business coach, I focus on your personality as an entrepreneur and investigate where obstacles or limiting belief systems keep you from reaching your goal. To do so, I use systemic tools and methods to overcome these stumbling blocks. Based on solution-oriented approaches, we will work together to pave the way.

Systemic Coaching offers in particular:

  • Objective feedback
  • Intervention
  • Systemic and circular questioning techniques
  • Working with belief systems
  • Systemic exercises to strengthen your personality
  • Exercises to change habits

I would be glad to advise you in detail about the opportunities and changes presented by personality coaching.
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