Coaching & Consulting in Berlin by Sonia Flöckemeier

Sonia Flöckemeier

My coaching & consulting in Berlin is based on three realizations: entrepreneurs need goals. Goals require clarity. Clarity evolves from a close look at opportunities, needs and strengths.

Consulting in Berlin, I advise and support people, who are looking for career changes. Changes require courage, everyone knows that. I support my clients strategically in this special process, I encourage them to innovative future thinking and provide them with solutions that bring them closer to their goals.

These are the principles I have adhered to since I started consulting in Berlin in 2003 as a self-employed business consultant and coach, advising and supporting businesses and individuals. My coaching focus on business administration stems from years of experience in operative management, HR management and controlling. Thus, my clients learn first hand during my consulting in Berlin how to juggle numbers successfully and turn investments into profit.

My second focus is on systemic coaching. I have decided to pursue this holistic, solution-oriented approach for a simple reason: entrepreneurs are human beings, too. They act and think on the basis of personal experiences and values. Therefore, the personal level must always be taken into consideration for career guidance. This is where systemic coaching completes my consulting in Berlin with its special exercises and techniques comes into its own.

Here is an overview of my résumé:

  • Certified training as a systemic business coach (2011)
  • Accredited business start-up advisor for the National Associaton of German Start-up Initiatives (VDG)
  • Founding member of  Berliner Unternehmercoaches (2006)
  • Foundation of Flöckemeier Coaching & Consulting (2003)
  • Management of Einstein Kaffee Coffee Shop AG (1999 – 2002)
  • Business Administration graduate – FU Berlin
  • Apprenticeship as hotel service specialist