Target groups: businesses wanting to grow

Berlin is the heart and soul of the creative industry. No other German city impresses with so much creative spirit and zeitgeist. Just like my clients.

Based on my specialist expertise, I offer business consultancy aimed at entrepreneurs in the following industries:

  • Creative industries focused on fashion, accessories, jewellery, DIY, and architecture
  • Retail: boutiques, food, delicatessen, wine merchants
  • Catering: coffee shops, cafés, restaurants, bars
  • Wellness and sports focused on yoga schools, fitness studios, physiotherapists and ballet schools
  • Service industry

Who benefits from coaching?

I support entrepreneurs before their launch as well as start-ups in the early years after their launch. In addition, I support them during times of expansion and crisis. My executive coaching is targeted at executives of all industries and every hierarchical level in the company. For clients looking for a general career change, my career coaching will provide optimum support.

I use my experiences with systemic coaching and my solution-oriented approaches in all coaching and consultancy processes. In case of specific needs, I will focus fully on boosting the entrepreneur’s personality through personality coaching. This coaching is suitable for anyone wanting to take a close look at themselves and change their habits.

Are you interested in concrete examples of my work?
Take a look at my references to get an overview.