Gabi Weitzel, weather museum

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Why did you start the coaching?

In the beginning of 2015 the weather museum in Lindenberg/Tauche will open a new visitor’s center to show the exhibition of the past and present of meteorology and aerology. We will also open a bistro and have had to design our offers and processes.

How did coaching support you to change and develop your business?

In coaching we analyzed our target groups and worked out an action plan to increase the number of visitors to our museum. Additionally we established a financial concept and optimized marketing.

What successes have you seen since the coaching?

Sonia Flöckemeier gave us important suggestions and sympathatic, critical feedback based on her extensive experience. We now have security in dealing with our figures. We created a precise concept that we will implement after opening the new visitor’s center.

Gabi Weitzel weather museum 4. Februar 2015