Johanna Groß, kultpur

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Why did you start the coaching?

I started coaching to plan my move to self-employment and to find someone to accompany me in participating the Businessplan Wettbewerb. Sonia Flöckemeier’s profile to me has been affecting, sympathetic and convincing.

How did coaching support you to change and develop your business?

Coaching helped me to finish my business plan and to reconsider special aspects. Sonia Flöckemeier’s coaching made me reflect and optimize my strategy. I felt self assured in my way to self employment.

What successes have you seen since the coaching?

My shop kultpur has expanded and after a period of 4,5 years I argue that we are well established – thank to the stable basis created in coaching, which is fundamental for being self employed.

Johanna Groß kultpur 4. Februar 2015