Katrin Ohlhoff, Lebenstanz

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Why did you start the coaching?

My business had existed for more than two years when I started coaching. My aim was to create more turnover and to strengthen my personality as an entrepreneur.

How did coaching support you to change and develop your business?

Sonia Flöckemeier’s unerring and appreciationg attitude, her honest sympathy and her trustful commitment to me and my business helped me to have faith, to accept support and to take the next steps.

My deepest feeling was that SF believed in me in her heart; a feeling I have never had with a coach before. I experienced that we both, coach and coachee, had a spiritual relationship. Coaching with you, Sonia Flöckemeier, was intensive, productive, sucessful and fun. What a great experience!

What successes have you seen since the coaching?

In the nine months of coaching I nearly doubled my turnover and profit. I expanded my offers, otimized my homepage and strengthened myself as a company holder.

I highly recommend SF especially for entrepreneurs who pursue their business with heart and brain – like you do!

Katrin Ohlhoff Lebenstanz 4. Februar 2015