Lily Bergner and Elli Schmidt, bergnerschmidt

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Why did you start the coaching?

Immediately after we received our diplomas in fashion design and founded our company, our focus lay in creating drafts and implementing our ideas. But when we saw the final product we had many entrepreneurial questions that hadn’t been discussed during our studies. Business consulting was a great chance fot us to clarify, to set priorities and to find solutions.

How did coaching support you to change and develop your business?

Coaching supported us to strengthen our entrepreneurial self confidence and to stand by our product and it’s price. We got help in calculating prices, advice in finding different distribution channels and information concerning financial aid. Through regular meetings we learned how to structure our work and to set schedules and priorities. In general we can say that our label has become much more professional since coaching.

What successes have you seen since the coaching?

Our sales figures have multiplied and in the meantime we have been supplying customers worldwide. We present our collections not only at fairs in Germany but also in Paris and soon in Kopenhagen. We will soon have an employee to support production.

Lily Bergner and Elli Schmidt bergnerschmidt 4. Februar 2015