Melanie Frericks, BüroArt

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Why did you start the coaching?

I got to know and learned to appreciate you during a coaching for start-ups. I very well remember your coaching which was free of valuating me – especially when I was confronted with the decision whether to continue as a sucessful founder or to go back in an employment.

Three years later I continued coaching because of a conflict with my superior. I appreciate your hands on consulting and your broad expert knowledge. Your target-oriented and professional nature supported me in analyzing my problem.

How did coaching support you to change and develop your business?

In the end I couldn’t answer the question whether to be self employed or employed clearly. In fact I can do both of them. In this situation I value the quality of your coaching to accept open questions and to leave the last decision on my own liability. This makes your coaching successful.

What successes have you seen since the coaching?

The greatest success was to make a clear decision and to understand the reasons behind. Additionally there is your empathatic/human and at the same time objective consulting which concretely and prompt supported me in crisis situations. During the coaching process we explored my strengths and skills which I can realise and use from now on in the future.

Thank you very much. Whenever I will have further need for coaching I will contact you and will warmly recommend you!



Melanie Frericks BüroArt 4. Februar 2015